6 Evidence-based Reasons to Refuse the COVID-19 Vaccine

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Vaccine manufactures are currently rushing to develop a vaccine for COVID-19, the disease that we’re told is caused by a virus called Sars-Cov-2. Bill Gates and other influential figures have been outspoken about the upcoming vaccine, emphasizing that the majority of the world’s population must comply. Lately, there have even been whisperings of the COVID-19 vaccination being mandatory.

Truth be told, there are many reasons to refuse the COVID-19 vaccine, we will explore six of them below.

1. Vaccines are neither safe nor effective

Smallpox is the only disease claimed to have been totally eradicated by vaccination. However, a little bit of research into the history of smallpox reveals that vaccination had nothing to do with its eradication. It was the improvement in living conditions and sanitation that ended the smallpox epidemic [1].

For example, historical accounts show that the city of Cleveland was free of smallpox due to the abolishment of the vaccine and in the town of Leicester, smallpox increased greatly after vaccination. It was only once sanitation was improved and vaccination abolished that smallpox went away.

The smallpox vaccine is also associated with a number of severe side effects including death [2], though this is the case with most vaccines.

Polio is another disease claimed to be eradicated in certain countries thanks to vaccination. However, Polio is not caused by a virus, it is caused by pesticide poisoning (namely, DDT), which was used extensively in the US during the epidemic [3].

Certain other countries such as India and South Africa are claimed to be ‘Polio free’ but this is not the case. Polio has simply been renamed ‘Acute Flaccid Paralysis’ (AFP). The oral polio vaccine has caused over 490,000 thousand cases of paralysis in India [4] and more cases of polio have now been caused by the vaccine than by the wild ‘virus’ [5].

Measles is yet another disease claimed to be a vaccine success story. Once again, this is incorrect. The measles vaccine was introduced in the US long after measles cases had started to decline [6].

Studies have found that death from measles results primarily due to malnutrition [6]. Furthermore, seizures from the MMR vaccine occur five times more often than measles-related seizures [7].

Safety studies on the MMR vaccine have been described as ‘inadequate’ and as such, there is no proof it is safer than measles. Measles infection has also been shown to confer benefits not provided by the vaccine [8].

A large number of scientific studies indicate a link between autism and vaccination [9]. Certain vaccines contain mercury which studies have associated with autism [10]. Furthermore, autism rates have increased from 1 in 150 in 2000 to 1 in 54 in 2016 [11].

Among other toxins, many vaccines contain aluminium. Aluminium is a potent neurotoxin and toxicity is linked with several illnesses [12]. Several scientific studies have shown the level of aluminium in vaccines to be far above what is considered ‘safe’ if there is such a level [13][14].

Vaccines can also cause sudden infant death [15][16], and have been linked to the high rate of infant mortality in the US [17].

The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program in the US has paid out over $4 billion dollars to patients injured by vaccines [18].

There is an abundance of evidence for the danger of vaccination, too much to include here.

2. Development of the COVID-19 vaccine is being rushed such that it has not undergone the proper safety testing, meaning it’s likely to pose significant health risks, above the normal risk of vaccination

Any new medical intervention planned to be administered to billions of people needs to be thoroughly tested. However, the rush to develop a COVID-19 vaccine means these rigorous tests will not be done, exposing anyone who takes the vaccine to a great deal of danger [19].

GlaxoSmithKline, one of the manufactures working on a COVID-19 vaccine has a history of bribery, corruption, and fraud. The company has been found guilty of medical fraud on multiple occasions, having to pay out billions of dollars in fines [20].

3. Herd immunity is a flawed concept and has been shown to be incorrect

Herd immunity is an idea in immunology that theoretically predicts disease control once a certain percentage of people in the population are immune from the disease.

Herd immunity is often referred to as an important reason for vaccination. While there is no evidence to validate the theory of herd immunity, there is plenty of evidence to disprove it [21].

4. Vaccine development is unethical and dangerous

Cells from aborted fetuses, animals, and unwitting deceased humans are used for developing vaccines [22], which is not only barbaric but unethical. This practice should not be supported.

Furthermore, many commonly used vaccines have been found to be contaminated with material not reported to be in the vaccine [23].

5. There are much safer and less expensive interventions available for the treatment of what has been called COVID-19

High-dose vitamin C has been proven to be an effective treatment for COVID-19 and COVID-19 related complications [24]. Studies have found that high-dose, IV vitamin C significantly reduces ICU stays and mortality among patients with ARDS and sepsis [25].

Access to healthy foods and good nutrition has been identified as an important factor in mitigating the effects of COVID-19 [26][27].

Vitamin D supplementation has also been identified as a possible preventative against COVID-19 [28][29].

6. The virus said to cause COVID-19 has never been purified and therefore its existence, as well as pathogenicity, are uncertain

There is currently no study in the scientific literature that proves the existence of SARS-Cov-2, the virus claimed to cause the illness known as COVID-19. The ‘virus’ has never been purified using density gradient centrifugation, the scientific method used to prove the existence of a virus [30][31][32].

Without purification, pathogenicity cannot be proven either [33]. This begs the question of how and why a vaccine is being made against a virus that has neither been proved to exist nor cause disease?

Lastly, it should be noted that while alternate causes of illness have been identified [34], the mainstream medical establishment has ignored this in favor of the viral theory, which allows for huge profits to be made from the selling of vaccines.


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