A Bigger Perspective Highlights COVID-19 Scam and Fraudulent Data

by | Sep 19, 2020 | Editorials

A fantastically simple bit of mathematical analysis using official WHO data has highlighted the COIVD-19 scam and the blatant fraud being propagated by agenda countries. Politicians, governments, and billionaires can lie to you, but data, facts, and logic cannot.

Andrew Mather, a 60 year old British mathematician, has been putting out videos regularly on his YouTube Channel. His charts and analyses are simple yet he has been able to highlight clear fraud indicators that others have apparently missed.

For example, the below chart illustrates COVID-19 deaths for each country, normalized to 100m population. When looking at the graph, there appears to be a huge problem. Three-quarters of the world have brushed off COVID as if it were nothing more than a trivial distraction.

covid-19 world data fraud scam

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This includes poverty-stricken Africa and high-density countries like Thailand. This huge disparity in COVID-19 mortality around the world indicates one of two things. Either, we’re dealing with a MUCH more deadly virus in the UK, US, and the EU member states, or the numbers being reported are fraudulent.

Seeing as there’s absolutely no proof of a new, infectious virus, it must be the latter. Now, this is not to say that an unusual amount of people haven’t died in places such as New York City. However, this cannot be due to a ‘virus’ otherwise we’d see similar figures everywhere.

To put this into perspective, Mather highlights that, per 100m population, New York City recorded 229,000 deaths from COVID-19 and Singapore another massive city, recorded 470. That means that the virus in NYC is 487 times more deadly than the one in the East. Yeah, right.

No doubt some virologist somewhere will attempt to explain this huge discrepancy away by stating that the virus, upon landing in America and Europe and bolstered by the indigenous high-fat, high-carb diets, mutated into a much deadlier form, but that of course, would be nonsense.

No, I am afraid that this graph reveals the true ‘agenda countries’ who are perpetuating this fraud. Namely the US, UK, and EU member states.

The next chart is much the same, except it also includes the world’s top 30 pharmaceutical companies, per market cap and assigned to their countries (blue dots).

covid-19 world graph pharma

Yeah, no agenda going on here, then. Nope, just a random virus that jumped from a bat (no, wait, snake? no.. uhh woolly mammoth? no, no that’s not it… Oh I can’t keep up!), to a human and began rapidly infecting the entire world causing a global shut down and a vaccine race, creating a massive profit opportunity for big pharma!

Now, we absolutely do not believe that money was the sole motive behind the COVID hoax. No, we think it’s much more sinister than that. However, it’s certainly part of it.

So, it’s pointless arguing about lockdowns and Sweden, when it’s clear by looking at the big picture, that there are serious discrepancies here that cannot be conveniently explained away. For example, why are rich countries with some of the best medical systems the worst hit? That makes no sense.

The last, and perhaps most important graph shows the cases and deaths for the UK side by side with a normal curve fitted to each and adjusted for the ‘true’ peak. Take a look at the two graphs carefully, you may notice something slightly off.

covid-19 hoax uk data

Did you see it? The peak date for cases and the peak date for deaths is exactly the same (11th of April). This would indicate that there is no delay between being diagnosed as COVID positive, entering the hospital, and death. If we were dealing with a real virus here, with a case to death time of 14 days (as has been reported),  then the peak in cases in the UK should be matched by a later peak in deaths.

The UK data makes it clear that something fishy is going on there and this is backed up by the astounding recommendations of a second national lockdown, despite the death rate in the UK having plummeted to almost nothing.

In this post, we only elected to show the charts we thought were most compelling in highlighting the COVID hoax. However, Andrew Mather has a whole series of videos on this topic and we advise you to spend some time checking them out. His YouTube channel can be found below.


Covid-19 Gompertz : Normalising the Abnormal. Andrew Mather (Peerless Reads on YouTube). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gor5CGWN4r0

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