A Letter to a Friend Who Recently Had Gene Therapy

Apr 25, 2021 | COVID-19

Dear Allen D.,

When you told me last week that you got the “vaccine”, I was shocked. You offhandedly slipped it into conversation as if it was the most normal, mundane thing in the world.

Most would call you “well educated” and I recognize that you’re an intelligent guy. In fact, I’ve always looked up to you in that regard. And yet, you chose to be injected with an experimental gene therapy that “protects” against an imaginary virus that causes an imaginary disease.

Why haven’t you switched off the news, like I told you to? Why are you still listening to all the talk of new “cases” and “variants”?

Do you enjoy being fed propaganda? Does the drama excite you? Why do you believe it all?

I’m genuinely curious.

By the way… Did it not cross your mind that experimental injections may be harmful? Are you unaware that the “vaccines” have not been properly approved, only authorized under emergency use?

Do you know that the phase 3 clinical trials are still ongoing, making you a guinea pig in a giant experiment? Do you know that at your age, you should be more concerned about looking both ways before crossing the street than dying from the flu?

Did you bother to educate yourself about mRNA technology? Do you know it’s never been approved before for human use? Do you know that vaccine manufactures are not liable for any injuries caused by their toxic products?

These aren’t “conspiracy theories”, by the way, they are facts. Even the most devoted Corona disciple would have to agree. A quick online search is all you need to confirm this.

Yet, you didn’t bother.

Do you have no concern for your own health?

I am sorry that you decided to outsource your critical thinking faculties to a corrupt cult of big pharma sock puppets.

Where is your self-respect?

There’s one word that frequently comes to mind when I think about how willing you were to comply.


I don’t detest you and I don’t feel sorry for you, but I do look at you differently. The image I had of you for all those years is beginning to change.

You’re not the person I thought you were.

You don’t hesitate to condemn large corporations for their role in environmental destruction… I still remember how you reacted to the BP oil spill. But now you believe that pharmaceutical companies care about your well-being?

The same companies that have paid out billions in lawsuits and fraud claims. The same companies that have killed an unimaginable number of people with their toxic “medications”. The same companies that pay medical journals millions to reprint pro-drug articles, while slandering and covering up natural cures.

The same companies that have strong-armed governments all over the world into establishing “no-fault compensation” programmes, protecting them from any and all liability concerning the safety of their vaccines.

Wake up! These companies stand to make billions from their new gene therapies!

Oh, and the vaccine trials were rigged too, by the way. They were testing for the wrong endpoint. But I guess you didn’t care enough to analyze the papers yourself and instead chose to believe the “95% effective” propaganda that the media oh so gleefully rammed down your throat.

What a shame.

“The pandemic has been tough,” you say. “Many people are struggling”. You’re right, except, of course, for William Henry III, Fuckerberg, Munch, Jack-Off, and their paedophile friends, who have all increased their net worth dramatically.

Did you know that? Does it not concern you? If not, why? You lost your job. They’re getting richer at your expense. Are you okay with that?

I want to understand, I really do. But you’re making it difficult for me.

Why do you believe everything you’re told? Why do you trust technocrats with vested interests to guide health policy?

Do you realise how infantile that is? How did you allow yourself to become so dumbed down, so trusting? Is it because you’re afraid?

Why do you defend the illusion that politicians, billionaires, and government leaders all have our best interests at heart? That the media serves the people and not the crooks?

You live in a fantasy world, Allen. And I’m afraid you’ve been sleeping for far too long.

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  1. Frederick

    I too have been stunned by some clients and friends who are so defensive about their precious little plandemic. Like they actually want/love it or something… And those who got the kill shot for a virtual virus, don’t even know the ingredients or the side effects. “The benefits outway any side effect” they say! Now the unvaccinated have to figure out how the hell to protect ourselves from their dangerous shedding… like social distancing or wearing a mask?… what a mess! Like Dr Buttar said maybe we deserve to be culled, we’re so frigging stupid! God help us all!

    • NewBraveWorld

      Indeed. There is some aspect of the ego at work here that loves all the drama and desperately wants to flaunt its compliance. Another thing that continues to shock me is the way people react towards vaccine reactions as if it’s a “good” thing that you’re ill because it means the “vaccine” is “working”. But when your illness is caused by “COVID” then you’re going to die and it’s the end of the world. Absolutely Mind-boggling.

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