Editor of the BMJ Destroys Covid Vaccine Narrative

by | Dec 1, 2021 | Commentaries

Medical doctors, researchers, and scientists all over the world are under pressure to “tow the line” and conform to the official Covid-19 narrative, otherwise, they face scrutiny, censorship, and, in the case of practicing medical doctors, loss of certification.

Despite this, there are some brave figures in the mainstream who continue to speak out and expose the pandemic narrative. One such figure is none other than Dr. Peter Doshi, editor at the British Medical Journal (one of the most highly respected medical journals in the world). I have cited his BMJ articles numerous times in my own research.

In this 5 minute speech during an expert panel discussing vaccine mandates, he completely destroys the Covid-19 vaccine narrative and explains concisely why there is no need for vaccine mandates. YouTube removed the video. Watch below.

Here is a second video that is well worth watching for anyone wanting to understand more about the so-called “Omicron” variant. Dr. Andrew Kaufman has been a bastion of sanity throughout this pandemic pantomime and here, once again, he does a fantastic job at exposing the lies and getting to the truth. Watch below.

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