Chapter 1 – The Blood Poisoners


FORTUNATELY, the official attitude towards compulsory or mass vaccination has begun to change. The officials of the Ministry of Health, as well as the public, know quite well that an epidemic of vaccination always causes a lot of deaths, to say nothing of other permanent mental and physical injuries.

It is not so well known, however, that mass vaccination also causes a big increase in the number and severity of smallpox cases. This is no new discovery. Vaccination during epidemics was banned in some places more than a century ago because it was known to increase the number of deaths.

Things do, however, seem to be improving suddenly. During the Brighton smallpox outbreak (1950-51), the usual BBC encephalitis campaign opened with an anonymous doctor assuring the world, with authoritative emphasis, that “smallpox is the most infectious disease known to Man”! The BBC had evidently never heard of influenza. During the smallpox outbreak of 1961-2, on the other hand, we heard medical officers of health saying on the radio such things as, “After all, smallpox is not such a very infectious disease.” This would have been held to be pure blasphemy only a few years ago. May the good work go on!

A great deal remains to be done, however. The radio advertising of commercial vaccines, especially with public money, is the greatest enemy we have to fight. This dishonest propaganda is incessant, and it is impossible to be forewarned against it. It crops up on every possible and impossible occasion. Sometimes it is too conspicuously silly to be very dangerous, but we are always defenceless if we cannot hit back, and one cannot measure its total effect. The radio has often been proved to be a dangerous fomenter of panic.


The art of lying by radio is not quite as easy to master as it may seem. Bernard Shaw said very truly that if you tell a lie the microphone gives you away hopelessly. Probably the TV makes matters worse. That is why, when the pretty legends about Jenner and Pasteur have to be pumped into immature minds, announcers must be found who really believe these stories. The essence of a lie is the intent to deceive, and so the radio deceiver must seem to have no such intent.

Nevertheless, the TV can sometimes fool the public by showing pictures or documents to “prove” things which no one would dare to utter. The really expert technique is to tell nothing but the truth, but to omit part of it.

A perfect example of this occurred in a BBC TV extravaganza, “Matters of Medicine”, which was designed to boost the terrors of poliomyelitis. The TV screen showed one page from a parish register, dated 1773, stating that about 7 or 8 out of every 10 deaths were due to smallpox. We need hardly say that the year 1773 just happened to be the very worst in that century for London smallpox. The purpose of the programme was to prove that, before vaccination began (a farmer named Jesty really began it in 1774), smallpox was a merciless scourge which threatened the very existence of the British race until Jenner, in 1796, began saving the usual “millions of lives”.

We may suspect that that dramatic page mentioned above records the output from a local fever hospital, but we know that what was studiously omitted from the broadcast was the all-important fact that we had our biggest smallpox epidemic in 1871-3, not in 1773, and that we had 44,000 smallpox deaths after 16 years of compulsory vaccination whereas, in 1773, only about 2 1/2 per cent of Londoners got smallpox, and only one-half of one per cent died from it.

Is there any reason why the BBC should not be charged with fraud if they encourage the use of commercial vaccines by misrepresenting the facts of history? The Postmaster General would, in such an event, be perfectly justified in withdrawing its licence for causing a public mischief— even, in fact, for committing multiple murder.

By the terms of the Licence granted by the Postmaster General, the BBC . -.

“shall, whenever so requested by any Department of Hex Majesty’s Government in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, at the Corporation’s own expense, send from all or any of the stations any announcement (with visual image of any picture or object mentioned in the announcement if sent from the television station or any of them) which such Department may request the Corporation to broadcast: and shall also, whenever so requested by any such Department in whose opinion an emergency has arisen or continues, at the like expense send as aforesaid any other matter which such Department may request the Corporation to broadcast: Provided that the Corporation when sending such an announcement or other matter may at its discretion announce or refrain from announcing that it is sent at the request of a named Department.”

That is the background to the incessant disguised advertising on the air of dangerous commercial vaccines, at public expense.

What can the public do about it?

It would seem that the National Anti-Vaccination League and all the A-V societies will have to be nationalised and turned into a Government Department before they have the least chance of a fair and equal hearing on the radio.

Could they not be called the Ministry of Truth and attached to the Fraud Squad of Scotland Yard? The latter would have to be much enlarged, of course, but, then, it would have a lot of work to do.


Polite appeals to authority have been tried in vain. An impressive deputation of anti-vivisectionists, who are bound to be also anti-vaccinationists because of the foul cruelties inflicted upon millions of animals every year by the vaccine trade, went up to the BBC before World War II. It was led by Miss Lind of Hageby and the Dowager Duchess of Hamilton, and included several qualified doctors. They were politely received by the schools broadcasting officials, and the promise was duly given that their appeal for fair play would be given serious consideration. We have no doubt that it was—with the result that most of the participants in this conference, including all of the doctors, have since died without anything effective being done, except that, of course, a constant stream of vaccine-and-panic-boosting has been kept going in about 72 languages, day and night, ever since!

In fact, the Ministry of Health itself has become slightly more enlightened than the radio mugwumps, though that is not saying much.


The Ministry has made one hesitant attempt to mitigate the mischief done by the radio advertisers of vaccination.

When five Pakistanis brought smallpox to England and started the outbreak of 1961-2, it was known they all had valid certificates of revaccination, showing more than one dose; but this fact was published only after, instead of before, the Press and Radio had started playing the fool as usual, and spreading panic and pox all over the country. The Ministry knew that this would cause more death and injury than a few smallpox cases. The five Pakistanis themselves had already proved that vaccination is a dangerous fraud, and so the injections had to be restricted to contacts only.

The purely commercial dogma that the whole world can be rid of smallpox by maintaining a high level of vaccination could never have survived till now if the real truth had always been told about epidemics. Modern epidemiologists know that vaccinations cannot prevent the spread of any disease whatever, but they are seldom quoted in the Press, even when they cling to the idea that vaccination can protect the individual, just as drowning men clutch at straws. Both Press and Radio continue to preach that smallpox is a terribly infectious and deadly scourge. They never tell us that ” – . – provided no mischief be done either by physician or nurse, it is the most safe and slight of all diseases”. (Dr. Thomas Sydenham, 1688).

All of us, except a few cranks, are brought up to believe that every unvaccinated person is bound to get smallpox in a serious outbreak. Business is business! The truth is that it would be very rare for even one in ten to contract the disease even in the worst years in the worst places, such as London was in 1773, when only one-half of one per cent died of it.

That would, no doubt, have been hailed as a 99 1/2 per cent triumph if there had been any vaccinators at that time and any BBC and Press barons to lick their boots for them!

The Blood Poisoners
Author: Lionel Dole
Subject: Vaccination

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