Chapter 5 – The Blood Poisoners


 WE ASSOCIATE epidemics generally with poverty-stricken and dense populations, and with insanitation, but it is noteworthy that the worst pandemic ever known, the influenza of 1918-19, which is believed to have infected half the human race and caused 25,000,000 deaths—some say twice as many—has never been fully and honestly reported. Of course, the epidemiologists tried to trace it to its source, and it seems to be generally agreed that the virus took on its terribly virulent form in certain American army camps on the eastern side of the U.S.A. Why, though, has this matter never been properly investigated? Is it a medical secret? (There was a rumour that one of the typhoid vaccines had “gone wrong”.)

It is quite certain that those camps were not the most insanitary places in the world—very far from it—nor were the men underfed, but it is certain that they were about the most inoculated, i.e., internally insanitary, people on earth at the time, and the mortality among such men, when the infection spread, was many times higher than among civilians of the same age-groups. One may suspect that most of the “immunologically competent” cells in those army men were exhausted through working overtime against all the vaccines forced upon them. The general fatality rate was very low, and if the patients had all been properly treated by Nature Cure methods it is unlikely that any would have died. This fact is not yet universally accepted, and if we get ‘flu vaccines on sale everywhere, it will no doubt be sternly suppressed.

It is obviously impossible to vaccinate in advance against new strains of influenza virus, and they are the only ones that matter. Apparently we are all already full of the older ones; vaccinating against them would therefore be equally futile, to say nothing of the possibility of “boosting” them and thereby causing “provocation cases”.

The virologist whom we have quoted above, Dr. H. G. Pereira, Director of the World Influenza Centre, Mill Hill, London, said in an interview in the London Times, 13th February 1963, that “the Asian influenza virus was now seeded in the population. It was there all the time and could appear when conditions were favourable”.

This idea that basic viruses, whether spread naturally or pumped into everybody for money, can lie dormant and then be aroused to renewed activity would seem to explain quite satisfactorily why, some years after a large population has been subjected to compulsory vaccination, it always gets the worst smallpox epidemic it has ever known. We in England began it. The 1871 epidemic was not only the biggest but one of the very worst, according to contemporary opinions. It also explains why it is so dangerous to vaccinate during epidemics and thus add a lot of “provocation cases” to the general total.

All these things have happened so consistently, in so many countries throughout the world, that they cannot be all due to pure coincidence. They are the facts of history, and they cannot be brushed aside as “yesterday’s news”.


In spite of a reward of $15,000 having been offered, apparently without response, to anyone who will prove that the Salk polio vaccines are not fraudulent, a huge Salk Institute is now being established on 27 acres at San Diego, California, the alleged object of which is to provide ideal as well as practical opportunities for scientists—even real ones—to work without hindrance or financial worries.

Needless to say, the vaccine industry has already got more than one foot in the door, but Dr. Jonas Salk will not be the only man there. Some quite important and humane thinkers have already been invited to join the happy band, It will be very interesting to see how the members react upon each other!

One object—presumably a “top priority”—mentioned in connection with this ambitious set-up is that of concocting, or “discovering”, a single vaccine to protect everybody from everything—except, presumably, the vivisecting, vaccinating, chemists, the Press and the Radio.

At present, however, an “absolutely safe” vaccine against some 10, 50 or 100 virus diseases is all that is modestly envisaged; surely, however, when we read of the vast number of viruses that exist in the world, and of the fantastic speed with which they can vary and multiply, a mere hundred of them would seem hardly to be worth bothering about.

The fact that the antibiotics have encouraged the bacteria to turn our happy hospitals into plague-spots should make us apprehensive about what the viruses may do in reply to new vaccines. California has had one Salk disaster already.

The British Medical Journal, of 1st June 1963, has mentioned varieties of the staphylococcus aureus, coliform bacilli and poor little TB germs which cannot even live without streptomycin, the antibiotic commonly used in fighting TB. What are we supposed to think about this kind of thing—or aren’t we?

We can be sure, at least, that the proposed wonder vaccine, if and when it arrives, will be hailed by the Press and the Radio, with flags flying, church bells ringing, sirens wailing, etc., and advertised with public and “charity” money, with no financial restrictions whatever—and without mercy.


As there is no public registration of births and deaths for animals, their vaccinators can say almost anything they like about the triumphant progress of vaccination against all animal diseases. The Radio never ceases to proclaim it. Its complete and universal efficacy must be swallowed whole because such propaganda helps to sell all vaccines.

Listeners, however, should always remember that all pedigree animals are selected, bred, fed and experimented upon just as laboratory animals are. They are not so much vaccinated as tested with vaccines. When distemper vaccines began to kill dogs or give them nervous disorders, the worst cases were obviously not sold but destroyed. This principle cannot be applied to human babies, at least, not officially, and so there is no real comparison between humans and domestic animals, especially those which are allowed to live only for a few months anyway.

It must be clearly understood that it is always possible that a strain of rapidly breeding animals may adapt themselves to a certain treatment, and may eventually become unable to do without it—like the germs that pine for antibiotics. This provides limitless opportunities for the manufacturing chemists, but is not so good for anyone else.

If the human race wants to be turned into a lot of laboratory freaks, with no health or integrity whatever, and dying from degenerative diseases at an ever-increasing rate—well, are we not more than halfway there already?

Our air, food and water are being increasingly poisoned with hundreds of new chemicals. No one can escape them. Atomic fall-out is a trivial red herring by comparison. It is difficult to travel the world without being converted into a walking cesspool of biological refuse, germs and viruses of every kind.

Is there not one really self-governing, self-respecting and independent nation that will make a stand and refuse to admit any person who has recently been vaccinated or inoculated against anything? Even Britain refused at one time to admit dogs which had been vaccinated against rabies without adding an extra three months to the usual six months’ quarantine, knowing the vaccination to be an added danger. If one country, Australia, perhaps, would set the example by banning all immigrants who had been poisoned by vaccines, the subject would have to be fully and publicly discussed for the first time. What matters more than anything else is that the freedom of the Press and of Radio should be strictly enforced by international law, with no censorship by militarism, medicine or money.


About the middle of the last century, some seventy nations contributed to a meeting held in Paris to frame rules for the control of epidemics, for there was an obvious need for agreement upon such things as health inspection of immigrants, quarantine regulations, etc. Since then however, it appears that the vaccine salesmen, as might have been expected, have moved in and taken control o everything—except, of course, the epidemics.

No members of the public are admitted to the Conventions to hear what is being cooked up for them or what is said by the real doctors who are present, if any. Consequently, the ridiculous pretence is still kept up that a certificate can disinfect a person, inside and out, with all clothing and personal effects. Could humbug possibly g further? We constantly see the fatal results of this official imbecility. It must be cured.

An International Certificate of Vaccination proves nothing except that somebody’s money has had to be spent or vaccine—in other words, that the love of money is the root of all evil.


This strange name has been given recently to a number of well-known degenerative diseases of unknown origin, such as rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto’s disease of the thyroid, and a growing list of others. The feature common to all of them seems to be that certain cells which are not normally in direct contact with the blood stream, become damaged or exposed; they are attacked as strangers by the lymphocytes, plasma cells, etc., antibodies appear in the blood, a vicious circle is set up and the battle continues until the offending cells are destroyed.

In fact, it would seem that all who die of “natural causes” or “senile decay” really die of “autoimmune” disease.

We very strongly suspect that this new name, completely unintelligible to the layman, has been adopted to obscure the fact that all these troublesome and incurable diseases really ought to be classed as “autogenous vaccinations”, but the word “vaccination” has to be kept out of it at all costs.

The National Anti-Vaccination League, however, will be neither surprised nor depressed to be told that, if nothing else kills us first, we all die from vaccinations in the end. We shall strive, like others, to put off the end as soon as possible, and to do our best to protect everybody from being systematically poisoned with antigens and antibodies for money, sometimes even before they are born.

We like to believe that if the original inoculators had had the faintest idea of what they were doing, in their impudence, or of the fantastic tangle of vicious circles and chronic diseases they were bound to create, the whole dirty business, in spite of its giving full employment to doctors and colossal profits to the chemical industry, might never have been started.

We have always held that the zymotics tend to cure themelves if properly treated, but that the effects of vaccination are incurable and often disastrous. We must therefore resist all vaccinations. We would rather be cranks than crocks.

The present official advice as to the “safest” age for primary vaccination puts it at “after 1 year”, which amounts to admitting that most of the world’s statute laws on this matter have always been pure criminal lunacy (as if we didn’t know!). We believe that all vaccinations should be voluntary and should be strictly forbidden before the age of 150, after which anyone who still believes in vaccination deserves to be treated as a guinea-pig. He ought to be happy, anyway, to die crammed full of beautiful, healthgiving antibodies, like other people.

The Blood Poisoners
Author: Lionel Dole
Subject: Vaccination

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