COVID “Vaccines”: 10 Things We Know For Sure

May 29, 2021 | COVID-19

  1. The global COVID IFR (infection fatality rate) has plummeted 95% in less than a year and is now 0.15%, on par with seasonal influenza. This begs the question, why does the whole world need to be vaccinated?[1]
  2. The absolute risk reduction reported in vaccine trials was around, or less than, 1%.[2]
  3. COVID “vaccines” have never been shown, in any way, shape, or form to reduce hospitalizations or deaths.[3]
  4. A number of countries, including Denmark and Germany, have made it compulsory to prove vaccination status and/or negative PCR status to take part in regular society. In other words, the “conspiracy theorists” were right.[4]
  5. The US government spent $3 billion dollars on a propaganda campaign to increase vaccine uptake.[5]
  6. The total amount spent by the US government on vaccine research, advertising, and distribution is over $44 billion.[5]
  7. Facebook launched a global censorship campaign to silence vaccine common-sensers.[6]
  8. COVID vaccines have been responsible for almost half of all vaccine-related deaths reported to VAERS in the last 32 years.[7]
  9. VAERS data would suggest that COVID vaccines are 52 times more deadly than all other vaccines combined.[8]
  10. You can’t make a safe and effective vaccine for a virus that doesn’t exist.[9]

Facts are facts.

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