Food shortages and economic collapse: Ensuring US dominance?

by | Sep 1, 2022 | Commentaries

In an insightful article, Colin Todhunter outlines how food and poverty crises are being engineered to secure US dominance.

We see an abundance of food but skyrocketing prices. The issue is not food shortage but speculation on food commodities and the manipulation of an inherently flawed global food system that serves the interests of corporate agribusiness traders and suppliers of inputs at the expense of people’s needs and genuine food security.

He goes on…

The war in Ukraine is a geopolitical trade and energy conflict. It is largely about the US engaging in a proxy war against Russia and Europe by attempting to separate Europe from Russia and imposing sanctions on Russia to harm Europe and make it further dependent on the US.

In other words, what Todhunter is arguing is that the Russia-Ukraine conflict was purposefully provoked by the US in order to harm Europe through sanctions, increasing dependance on the US and therefore increasing US power.

So the war is really against Europe and Germany, preventing them from increasing trade and investment with Russia and China. By undermining China and Russia and weakening Europe, the US can maintain its seat as the premiere global superpower.

Todhunter argues that the US is

waging a war on vast swathes of humanity, whose impoverishment is intended to ensure they remain dependent on the US and the financial institutions it uses to create dependency and indebtedness – the World Bank and IMF.

And when you see institutions like the World Bank, BIS, and the IMF, think “WEF”, aka, “Mr. Global”.

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