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Here’s what we’ve got for you in this edition:

  • The manufactured food crisis: Another food plant goes up in flames.
  • Social credit comes to the West: Fed pilots ESG social credit system.
  • The CBDC gaslighting campaign: A shiny new wrapper for an ailing digital FIAT system?
  • ? Red pill: Covid injections are robbing young people of their lives.
  • Tidbits: UFOs over Kyiv, Spain admits to chemtrails, Google manipulates climate change info, and more.
  • Meme of the week

Let’s get into it… ?

The manufactured food crisis: Another food plant goes up in flames

Massive Fire Erupts at World’s Largest Produce Market But the Food Crisis Is Totally Not Manufactured, Y’All

We need to talk about the food crisis that’s currently being manufactured.

Throughout the year, a startling number of food processing plants have mysteriously gone up in flames, rendering them non operational.

Many researchers in the alt media noticed this and began to wonder whether this was being done on purpose in order to engineer food shortages and economic turmoil.

Back in June, the Gateway Pundit published a list of all the food manufacturing plants in the US that had been destroyed under the Biden Administration. As of the end of August, there were over a hundred food plants destroyed!

And just recently, the largest produce market in Paris went up in flames! What are the chances that these are all unrelated events? Very low, I believe.

1 is an accident, 2 is a coincidence, 3 is a pattern and 100 is a conspiracy.

Here’s what Dr Joseph Farrell had to say regarding the matter:

The plain fact of the matter is that it appears Mr. Globalooney has gone “all in” on the total dietary revision nonsense, and is trying to stampede the human population into eating bugs – an unhealthy proposition by any standard of common sense I’m aware of – by taking away the supply of normal meats and produce.

He goes on…

Stop and think about that: after decades of the same people assuring us that pesticides were and are a necessary component of modern agriculture in order to maintain high productive levels of crops, and more recently, after assuring us that glyphosate and other ingredients in newer GMO-friendly pesticides are completely safe and not carcinogenic at all (because The Science says so), they now want us to further poison ourselves by eating the insects that eat the crops that are sprayed with the pesticides that are full of the quackcines that Baal Gates makes….

Spot on, doc. Spot on.

The Fed announces “pilot” ESG social credit system

China social credit

The fed has announced that 6 of the nation’s largest banks will participate in a climate scenario analysis exercise designed to enhance the ability of supervisors and firms to measure and manage climate related financial risks.

So, what’s the big deal?

Well… This is major step in the direction of facilitating an ESG compliant monetary network that effectively acts as a parallel system to that of the Chinese Communist Party’s infamous social credit scoring system.

This begs the question: Is there any conspiracy theory that hasn’t become conspiracy fact?

ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance – it’s a set of standards for a company’s behaviour used by “socially conscious” investors to screen potential investments.

According to the Ron Paul Institute:

ESG acts as a trojan horse for the continuing centralization of the American financial system. ESG finance, popularized by hyper political asset management behemoths like BlackRock and Vanguard, acts to prevent outsiders from challenging the regime-connected insiders on Wall Street and in Washington, under the guise of acting to manifest a healthier planet. In other words, pro-ESG institutions are committed to attacking free market principles by means of deception, preferring the CCP-style “stakeholder capitalism” that allows for a small group of technocratic elites to make broad determinations about society.

The CBDC gaslighting campaign


In an insightful analysis of Central Bank Digital Currencies, “Shinobi” asks some important questions, including whether it’s even feasible to create one?

…just to replace the average volume of cash transactions alone a CBDC would need to process 246 times more transactions each month than Bitcoin.

This doesn’t even factor in debit/credit card transactions, or those occurring over apps like PayPal and CashApp. Furthermore, a CBDC system would need the kind of uptime that MasterCard or Visa has. Is the government capable of creating such a system? Absolutely not.

We should also ask ourselves whether financial services companies are willing to hand over a large part of their market share to a new CBDC system? Surely not.

… And cross-border payments? How, exactly, would this work using CBDCs?

If you are simply going to use SWIFT or other international transfer systems, how does a CBDC in any way improve the speed of cross-border payments? If you are going to directly facilitate the transfer of the CBDC itself internationally, how do you enforce KYC and AML?

The conclusion that Shinobi reaches is that there really is no such thing as a CBDC. Instead, there is just a shiny new wrapper for fintech apps like PayPal and tighter integration between them and systems like Fedwire.

A central bank digital currency is nothing but a meme at the heart of one of the biggest gaslighting campaigns that governments and financial institutions have ever tried to pull on the public at large.


  • The new insignia for Air Domain Intelligence has a UFO in it.
  • Astronomers in Kyiv say there are loads of UFOs over the country.
  • Fidelity, one of the largest asset managers in the world, has bought $60M worth of Bitcoin.
  • China (the largest holder of US debt) has announced plans to sell dollars and purchase yuan in an effort to prop up the local currency.
  • PayPal has restored the account of Toby Young, the General Secretary of the Free Speech Union.
  • The UN admits that they colluded with Google to ensure people only see one narrative related to climate change.
  • Spain ADMITS to chemtrails.
  • Forget the blame game, Nordstream Sabotage is about the Great Reset & nothing else.
  • According to research by the New Economics Foundation, 99.5% of covid spending – totalling around £412 billion – was paid for with printed money.

? Red pill: Young people are being robbed of their lives

There are many stories like the one below. Our heart goes out to this young lady’s family and anybody who has suffered a loss due to Covid injections.

A Tweet showing a facebook post about a young girl who died after receiving her Covid vaccine

Meme of the week

I'll stop being a conspiracy theorist when the rich and powerful stop conspiring.

Seems fair? ???

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