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NewBraveWorld.org is an organization founded by free thinkers. We write about world events, science, health, and philosophy. NewBraveWorld.org was founded in response to the growing centralization of mainstream news media.

The Problem

The current world is dominated by what Vandana Shiva refers to as the ‘mechanical mind’. The mechanical mind is self-centered, reductionist, and profit-driven. The mechanical mind is obsessed with ‘innovation’ and constantly seeks to deploy new technologies that undermine nature and destroy our health.

In 1931, Aldous Huxley wrote his prophetic novel, ‘Brave New World’, in which he depicts a dystopian future where humans are genetically engineered into the structured, social hierarchy of the World State.

There are powers that seek to create a similarly dark future for humanity and have already made great strides towards such a reality. In fact, the transhumanist agenda, now branded as the “Great Convergence”, is an open conspiracy in the sense that it is openly talked about by governments, scientists, and technocrats around the world.

“Believe or not, having a soul may be deemed a pathological behavior in the future by the authorities of the world in our time, the materialistic scientific establishment. Those who blithely call themselves ‘humanists’ will attempt to do the most inhumane thing of all: remove the soul from the human being.”

Rudolph Steiner, The Fall of the Spirits of Darkness, 1917

This is a crucial time in human history, and the choices we make from here on out will decide whether or not Aldous Huxley’s prophecy is fulfilled.

The Solution

By shifting our focus and attention away from entities who seek to keep us in fear, we can start to create a “new brave world” built on the time-honored principles of compassion, love and unity.

This begins by ridding the mind of programmed beliefs and limitations so that we can recognize the problem in its entirety. Next comes acceptance. We accept the situation we are in so that we can work to create something different.

Next, we must sharpen our intellect and recognize the limits of our own perception. This sets the foundation for a transformation in consciousness that results in the cultivation of what Jiddu Krishnamurti called the “religious mind”.

The religious mind is free from all belief and therefore, free from all fear. It is through this personal transformation that we bring about harmony and healing.


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