SA Government Lies to Public and Joins COVID Cult Insanity

by | Dec 30, 2020 | Editorials

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The South African government has cemented itself as a core member of the global lockdown cult. If the UK and US are the agenda front runners, then South Africa is their whipping boy.

Recently, the President announced South Africa would enter into lockdown level three. With this comes the closure of beaches, banning of social gatherings and even stricter mask mandates.

The government made this decision on the back of increased COVID-19 cases and a slight increase in national excess mortality.

But are these measures really being put into place to protect us from a virus? Of course not.

The science (and by ‘science’ I mean the real science, not the illogical rhetoric expounded by the lockdown-mask-vaccine cult enthusiasts) is absolutely clear about two things: masks are at best useless and lockdowns do far more harm than good.

It’s also worth noting that closing beaches and forcing people to stay home has a direct impact on people’s physical and mental health. Not to mention, less sunlight means lower vitamin D levels, which studies show correlates to more severe illness[1].

President and Health Minister Lie to the People (again)

The South African president once again went on TV to reassure the people that lockdowns and mask mandates are effective measures at reducing the spread of COVID-19. He lied.

He said that ‘data’ support the effectiveness of these past measures, but where is this data? What is he talking about? In fact, the exact opposite is true. All of the science to date shows that lockdowns are ineffective and harmful.

Two recent studies, in particular, highlight this very clearly. In their July 2020 study[2], Chaudhry et al. found that:

“Government actions such as full border closures, full lockdowns and a high rate of COVID-19 testing were not associated with statistically significant reductions in the number of critical cases or overall mortality.”

In a later study[3], published in November 2020, which looked at 160 countries, De Larochelambert et al. found that:

“Stringency of the measures settled to fight pandemia, including lockdown, did not appear to be linked with death rate.”

Even more recently, In December 2020, the American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) wrote an article[4] in which they reviewed over 20 studies (including the two studies previously mentioned) on lockdowns. In the article, titled ‘Lockdowns Do Not Control the Coronavirus: The Evidence’, they state:

“The use of universal lockdowns in the event of the appearance of a new pathogen has no precedent. It has been a science experiment in real time, with most of the human population used as lab rats. The costs are legion.”

With regards to mask mandates, we have written extensively about the ineffectiveness of facemasks in previous articles[5]. None of the many large randomized controlled trials (RTC) has detected a benefit from wearing face masks. This includes the recent Danish RCT that included more than 6,000 participants[6].

Furthermore, as we have pointed out before, back in April the WHO itself cautioned against the use of facemasks in the community, citing a ‘lack of evidence’[7].

Studies that show a positive impact from mask-wearing are geographical/observational studies that are highly prone to bias, or computer models which bear no resemblance to reality.

Certain organizations such as the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) have made outlandish claims along the lines of ‘masks can reduce transmission by 40%’ but there is no data to back this up. In fact, in an article written for the Wall Street Journal, Magness exposes that these claims rest on faulty statistics[8].

The President even mentioned something about ‘asymptomatic super spreader events’, which further highlights his utter cluelessness surrounding the science.

It has been well established that asymptomatic transmission of COVID-19 is nothing more than a fairy tale. It is a marketing tactic used to enforce lockdowns on a healthy population.

A study conducted in Wuhan China[9], which looked at more than 10 million people, found that asymptomatic spread of COVID-19 did not occur at all. The lack of evidence for asymptomatic spread is further highlighted in an article written by Engler for the British Medical Journal titled ‘Evidence of asymptomatic spread is insufficient to justify mass testing for Covid-19’[10].

Excess Mortality

One thing that keeps popping up in the news is that South Africa has had thousands of excess deaths this year. And of course, this is made out to be due to COVID-19.

But what’s really going on here? What is excess mortality and is it really due to a new virus called Sars-Cov-2?

We have refuted the claim that there is a new virus causing illness in previous articles[11]. But the statistics reported by SAMRC do show spikes in excess deaths.

First of all, it’s important to understand that ‘excess mortality’ refers to an increase in deaths compared to what we’d expect to see. This expected number of deaths is based on mortality data from previous years.  Secondly, there is absolutely no evidence that these excess deaths have been due to Sars-Cov-2.

This is made clear in a July 2020 article titled Excess deaths increase but we are ‘still in the dark’[12] by M&G Data Desk. In the article, they quote Professor Debbie Bradshaw from the Medical Research Council of South Africa, who says in regard to excess deaths that ‘there is currently no way to be sure what the death certificates state’.

Bradshaw goes to say that “we need further details for us to understand the full story; otherwise, we are all in the dark.”

In other words, “we know more people are dying but we don’t know why they’re dying.”

There is a strong case to be made for lockdowns being responsible for the excess mortality. A May 2020 report compiled by the International Growth Centre (IGC)[13] highlights the devastating economic effects of lockdowns on Sub-Saharan Africa.

The report estimated that an additional 9.1% of the population immediately fell into extreme poverty following the initial lockdown. They also estimate that nearly 32 million people become severely food deprived at the end of an 8-week lockdown.

But it doesn’t stop there. The report also estimates that 30% of the population will have lost all of their savings after the lockdown, removing their resilience to future shocks. They predict that income flow will continue to suffer post-lockdown and that this could cause a further 18 million people to to be at risk for severe food deprivation.

Most shockingly of all comes a passage on page four which states that (emphasis added):

“However, even making conservative assumptions on the mortality rate, the magnitude of the results from this simulation exercise suggest that blanket lockdowns imposed in low income countries to contain the spread of the virus, if unmet by a massive national and international economic response, may put even more people at risk of dying than the unmitigated spread of the virus itself.”

The startling conclusion of this report is backed up by anecdotal evidence from health professionals. In September 2020, Bloomberg published an article titled Absent Patients Sound Alarm Bells for South African Doctor[14], in which they interviewed Mathinus du Plessis, a South African TB specialist.

The article states that the TB ward where du Plessis worked was turned into a COVID-19 ward. This then resulted in patients being redirected to other hospitals, which were much further away. The article states that due to widespread poverty, many patients decided to go home instead.

This next quote comes directly from Dr du Plessis and it’s harrowing.

“To send sick people home to accommodate often asymptomatic Covid-19 patients makes no sense.”

There you have it. Right from a frontline hospital worker. They are sending seriously ill patients home to make room for often asymptomatic ‘COVID-19’ patients. That is disgusting. It is diabolical. And if it’s happening at one hospital, it’s happening at all of them.

In a country with the largest AIDS epidemic, widespread poverty and over 300,000 people with TB, it is not hard to see where the excess deaths are coming from. It is not a phantom virus that’s responsible for the excess mortality, it is the lockdowns and the insane hospital restrictions that have been instituted by equally insane politicians.

The Bloomberg article ends with another quote from Dr. du Plessis:

“I worry that the problems outside of Covid will be much more severe than Covid itself.”

And he is absolutely right. The government has made it clear that they are not our leaders and they are not our protectors. They are simply puppets, having their strings pulled by a global elite that seeks destruction, chaos and, ultimately, control.


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