Still ZERO Proof for the Existence or Pathogenicity of COVID ‘Virus’

Sep 20, 2020 | COVID-19

In the below video, dated September 19, medical doctor Andy Kaufman breaks down how there is STILL absolutely NO proof for the existence of a new virus, nor its pathogenicity. Despite some recent research papers claiming to have ‘proved’ that SARS-Cov-2 satisfies Koch’s postulates (the criteria required to demonstrate that a particular microorganism is the cause of a particular disease), this, in fact, is a lie.

As explained by Dr. Kaufman, current research on ‘SARS-Cov-2’ is riddled with assumptions and fraudulent claims. Watch and share the below video as it’s very important to understand the scientific TRUTH about ‘COVID-19’.

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  1. BDBinc

    The spin story “the virus was made in the lab” is in response to the discovery that they computer generated a ” string or rna in a lab and called it Sars CoV2. The “virus” that has no existence in reality was just a computer simulation, never isolated never proved( but you know that).

    How to make up your own ” novel virus” using computer programs just like the WHO did. Please note this “virus” (string of rna) is not actual or real its CG. And WHOs afraid of a CG virus? Unfortunately almost everyone when they believe its real, people are afraid of media propaganda .
    So once you have taken the sample of animal DNA( fetal bovine), human DNA, other contaminants and very delicate rna you mix it up together and just let computers make up a virtual virus.



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