A Letter to a Friend Who Recently Had Gene Therapy

A Letter to a Friend Who Recently Had Gene Therapy

Dear Allen D., When you told me last week that you got the “vaccine”, I was shocked. You offhandedly slipped it into conversation as if it was the most normal, mundane thing in the world. Most would...

Addicted to Hope: The Qult of Qanon

Addicted to Hope: The Qult of Qanon

Here’s a scenario. You’re part of an organization that wants to steer the world towards an Orwellian type society where you control every aspect of human life. But there’s one problem. A growing...


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Globalist Monkey Business

(Image credit: Bob Moran) Have you heard? Scamdemic 2 may be just around the corner. Recently, there's been a wave of hysterical nonsense in the media about "monkeypox", an alleged infectious disease that resembles smallpox (more on that soon). I'm not going to do a...

Science Set Free: 10 Paths to New Discovery (Book Review)

Author: Rupert SheldrakeYear published: 2012Publisher: Deepak Chopra BooksLink: Buy on Amazon In Science Set Free, Rupert Sheldrake sets out to probe the shaky foundations of materialist science and question long-held beliefs that have, over time, hardened into...

Elon Musk: Champion of Free Speech or Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?

Recently, the news broke that Elon Musk (now the world's richest man) acquired Twitter. Musk claims that he's a "free speech absolutist" and his takeover of the company was motivated by his passion for open discourse. Musk called Twitter "the digital town square where...

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