Thoughts on the Next Plandemic and Covid as a Trial Run

by | Sep 27, 2021 | Editorials

Most articles that I post here are in-depth investigations and involve a lot of time and research. In order to fill the gap in between new articles, I’m going to be posting some shorter, less refined and far more speculatory ramblings that mainly represent my own thoughts and ideas relating, either, to current events (i.e. covid), or other topics that interest me. And with that said, here’s the first one…

I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all been horrified at what has taken place over the last 18 months. However, if I were to guess, I would think that the ‘they’ are slightly disappointed at the way things have gone. Despite massive censorship and complete media capture, the alternative research crowd has been working overtime to expose the lies and deception, and call me crazy, but I think that we’ve been somewhat successful. Of course, one cannot underestimate the role of “common sense” either, which, ironically, seems to be an asset that belongs predominantly to the “working class” and much less so to the “well educated”.

Anyway, I’m not going to go into the reasons why I think that is the case here, but I wanted to lead with this because it plays into the topic of this article, which is that covid was not the first, nor will it be the last, scamdemic.

For over a decade now, Bill Gates has been funding and promoting mRNA vaccine technology and ever since covid became a “thing”, he has asserted himself as an “expert” on pandemics, infectious disease and vaccination. Putting the lunacy of all this aside, when he began speaking about the next “pandemic”, I immediately took note.

Firstly, I should state that having observed the events of the last 18 months, I do not put anything past these people. Could there be some hidden technology in these vaccines, waiting to be triggered? Could this trigger be some sort of environmental or electromagnetic signal? Yes, it’s possible. Thinking otherwise would be naïve considering the amount of money funneled into “black” research projects and the nightmarish technology being developed by DARPA, who also happens to fund, yep you guessed it, Moderna.

Furthermore, lending support to this line of thinking is a 2019 US Air Force study titled “Bioweapons: Genetic Engineering and BW”, which proposes the weaponization of, yep you guessed it again, gene therapy. Here’s a rather disturbing quote from the paper, which is highly relevant considering what’s happening right now:

“…if a medical technique is perfected, similar vectors might eventually be used to insert harmful genes into an unsuspecting population.”

It seems apparent that mRNA technology (gene therapy) is key to ‘their’ motivations – this is made clear by the Wellcome Leaps “RNA Readiness + Response” project, aimed at instituting a number of mRNA factories all over the world, providing on-demand “vaccines” for future “threats”. In other words, I think that Covid was meant to “set the groundwork” and release funds for the development of the necessary infrastructure and technology that will be used to further the transhumanist take over.

Curiously, a lot of the above paper (and material concerning “bioweapons” in general) talks of the danger of genetically altered viruses, such as smallpox. However, I would find it hard to believe that deep state defense networks would pour money into “gain of function” research and other such virological weapons research when it is clear that “viruses” have never been proven to cause disease. The virological cause of AIDS, polio, and yes, covid-19, has been thoroughly refuted and the same can be said for many other diseases said to be caused by viruses. So, if journalists, doctors, and “regular” researchers can figure all this out, then you’d better believe that trillion-dollar black research conglomerates have come to the same conclusion.

So then why all the talk of “gain of function” research and the danger of smallpox as a bioweapon? It would seem either that we are wrong, and “viruses” indeed DO cause disease, OR that this is being used as a cover story. Said another way, virology itself may be the public consumption version of a line of research that is far more sophisticated and sinister, possibly involving genetic manipulation, nanotechnology and God knows what else. There are benefits to keeping the public ignorant as to the true cause of disease, especially when that cause may be coming directly from your own black research projects or the vials of your vaccines.

I certainly don’t believe that they would put all their eggs into one basket, so to speak. In other words, I don’t think covid was ever meant to be the endgame. If you want to transform the world into a technocratic control state, then one little plandemic involving a disease with a puny 0.15% death rate (akin to seasonal flu) just isn’t going to cut it. No, you’d have to have something else up your sleeve, which brings us to Gates’ talk of the “next pandemic” and the Wellcome Leap’s planned creation of global mRNA manufacturing facilities.

I want to stress again that most everything being put forth here is speculation. With that firmly in mind, let’s ratchet things up a gear. Let’s suppose covid was the first scamdemic in a series of planned scamdemics. As the first one, you would likely treat it as a trial to gauge public response, and, most importantly, gather data, which would help you engineer a more effective plandemic next time round. Covid, though helping to usher in the technocracy, may be one massive data collection and, this is important, data correlation experiment. I’ve borrowed this term from Dr. Joseph P. Farrell, who makes the case that such experiments have been done and cites, among others, a case in which the CIA studied the impact of space storms on psychic powers.

While we can’t put anything past the CIA, it does sound nutty to think that they would study two things with seemingly no connection. Space storms and psychic powers? What? But that is the very point of doing such data correlation experiments – to discover such correlations that can then be used in one way or another.

So, what would one need to run such experiments? Well first, you’d need the power to engineer a pandemic, or at least the illusion of one (check) and secondly, you’d need massive computing power to track correlations in real-time and extract meaningful insights (check). The data gained from such an experiment would be an absolute gold mine for psychopaths with the intention of manipulating people (and events) on a grand scale. This data could be used to engineer a new plandemic that would create maximum fear and maximum compliance.

As is shown by the CIA experiments, there are clear esoteric/occultic motives behind their actions – therefore, one could also envisage them studying more obscure implications such as the cosmological effects of widespread fear, changes in the sun’s electromagnetic field, or even the incidence of UFO sightings.

… or maybe I’m way off base.

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