UFOs: What We Keep Missing (Richard Dolan)

by | Jul 3, 2022 | Recommended

A couple of weeks ago I posted an interview with Dark Journalist and Dr. Joseph Farrell about the possibility of an upcoming manufactured UFO threat.

In the intro to that post, I mentioned a UFO researcher by the name of Richard Dolan who is undoubtedly familiar to anyone who is interested in UFOlogy. Dolan has been researching UFOs for years and he has uncovered many fascinating links between UFOs and the American deep state/intelligence apparatus.

However, as Dolan points out in the video below, UFOs are an international phenomenon, one which is of far greater magnitude and importance that most of us realise. In the video, he also goes through some recent UFO reports, pulling out common themes, such as triangular craft with lights on each corner.

The main takeaway from Dolan’s presentation is that UFOs are a global phenomenon, there are thousands upon thousands of good, reliable UFO reports each year and it is absurd that no one seems interested in what these things are doing, where they’re from and why they are here.

As someone who is interested in the UFO phenomenon (but not incredibly well researched in the area), I can only express my agreement with Mr. Dolan’s sentiments: Whatever UFOs are, they are real, they have an agenda and we need to give them more of our attention.

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