Your Guide to the Great Reset

Dec 5, 2020 | Great Reset

Award-winning investigative journalist James Corbett from has put together some excellent presentations about “The Great Reset”.

What is the Great Reset? It’s basically a rebrand of the “New World Order”, an open conspiracy that no one is talking about. Open in the sense that the banksters have been quite honest and forthcoming about their plans – if anyone cares to pay enough attention.

And of course, they are using the COVID Scamdemic as a pretext for ushering in this new economic paradigm where the state has complete control.

The elites dress it up with buzzwords and catch-phrases like “sustainable development” and “inclusivity”, but at the end of the day, the “great reset” is about the creation of a digital surveillance state run on artificial intelligence where we all transact with “central bank digital currencies” (that can be fully tracked and traced).

According to the elites, we’ll “own nothing and be happy”. We won’t democratically elect our leaders, either. Instead, life will be dictated by the technocratic elites and billionaires who aren’t accountable to anyone. While everyone is distracted by viruses, lockdowns, and vaccines, the elites are ushering in this plan right under our noses.

After watching the below two videos by James Corbett, you’ll know more about the “great reset” than 99% of the population.

#1 Your Guide to the Great Reset

(by James Corbett)

#2 Your Guide to the Great Monetary Reset

(by James Corbett)

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